Dawn in Madinah: A Pilgrimís Passage is a vivid account of a month-long retreat in the Prophetís Mosque in Madinah. The luminous details of this sojourn (Ramadan 1418/December-January 1997-8) in Islamís second most sacred mosque are superimposed on the historical events that shaped the Muslim community during its initial formative period. Numerous episodes from the life of the Prophet form the backdrop for the slow unfolding of a narrative filled with intense reflections on contemporary Muslim life. Woven into the tapestry of this unique work are the desires, passions and spiritual struggles of many pilgrims who were present during the month of Ramadan in the Mosque, fourteen hundred and eighteen years after it was built by Prophet Muhammad and his Companions soon after their arrival in Madinah. This juxtaposition of contemporary lives and those lived fourteen centuries ago, creates a mosaic. What unites the various strands of the book is the trans-historical spiritual quest of countless individuals who populate this rich narrative. Thus we witness an episode from the life of Abu Lubabahóa Companion of the Prophet who once tied himself to a pillar in the Mosque vowing never to leave until Allah Himself forgave him for what he saw as a betrayal of the Prophetís trustóas vividly as the life of the feverish and consumptive Rashid Ahmad, a coal-miner from interior Sindh in Pakistan, who slaves his life away under horrific conditions in one of the valleys of contemporary Arabia. One chapter of the book recounts the experiences of a memorable night in Hira the cave on top of the Mountain of Light where Prophet Muhammad had received his first revelation in 610 CE.

6x9, 224 pages, 2007
Islamic Book Trust/Al-Qalam Publishing

ISBN: 978-0-9732333-0-8

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